Why buying Haitian Art is the best way to help

Why Haiti

I was born in Haiti (my father is Haitian) and I had the first 10 years of my life there. A wonderful experience. We spent our days exploring the nature, the mountains, the beaches and a rich culture. Through my running the marathon, I would like to let a few more people learn about Haiti as Haiti needs our help.

  • Haiti is arguably one of the “richest” countries in the Caribbean. See www.experiencehaiti.org for more information
  • 40% of European sugar was imported from Haiti (1800’s) till France demanded that it be given free as a payment to be recognised as an independent country after the slaves defeated Napoleons forces in 1804 
  • Haiti was the first black republic in the world after the Haitian slaves defeated Napolean in 1804. This paved the way for the creation of the United States of America (France sold the Louisiana state to America – an areas equivalent to 13 US states today). Simon Bolivar then moved to Jacmel in Haiti and designed his revolutionary flag before setting sail with over 10,000 Haitian troops to set Latin America free.
  • The “Citadelle La Ferniere” or "Citadelle Henry"  is the largest existing  monument to the free world. Built from 1804 till 1812, it has 6 floors and sits on top of a hill.
  • Haitian art. Some samples can be seen here   Haiti Art Haitian Art Society HaitianArtFactory 

        Haitian Art is constantly being exhibited in the UK. 
The smARTest project - has regular exhibitions
Nottingham Contemporary

  • Haitian music is world known. From most of the band in The Fugees (Wyclef Jean).

         Dekole – a personal favourite of mine at the moment 

        For some of the hundreds of radio stations click here              

  • Videos

            I thought Haiti was Ugly 
The Real Haiti

For a great resource on Haiti visit www.ExperienceHaiti.org


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