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As you know, Haiti was hit by the Category 4 Hurricane Matthew on Monday 3rd & 4th October 2016. Despite several shelters being set up pre-hurricane and tens of thousands moving to them, over 300 people are dead and 200,000 homeless. 1/3 of the country is affected.  Please support through your favourite charity, by booking a holiday in 2017 to Haiti or by buying Haitian produce.

Over 350,000 homeless and 600 dead. These figures are expected to rise (7th October 2016).  
Over 450,000 homeless and 800 dead. These figures may rise (8th October 2016)

My vision is to have Haitian art in over 1,000 peoples homes or offices and to sell £10,000 worth of art in the months of October / November 2016.

I invite you to buy Haitian art and this money will be used to buy the arts and craft from Haitians at grass root level – most of  whom have been affected by the Hurricane. This will inject cash into the economy and put money directly into their hands. It will help those affected to cope with their losses and allow them to plot their own destiny.

I have £900 worth of art with me to get going and I have some art being sent to me by my friend. I also plan to visit personally in November 2016. By end November, I will post you your purchase allowing you to have Christmas presents for friends, and family or some art for your home or office.

Please note that Your Tourism Partner Ltd will cover my costs such as flights and accommodation, and your purchase will cover packing and postage from Haiti.

I need you purchase today to give Haiti Trade Not Aid.
If each of you buy £10, I need 1,000 partners. However, if you can buy £100 worth, then I just need 100 partners. Partner Haiti today through trade not aid.

What can you buy

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To purchase simply go to www.gofundme.com/BuyHaitianArt  and in the remarks section include your name, address, tel and e-mail. Also state the codes that you want to buy (see attachment above).  

Ansem nou kapab ! (together we can). esi an pil  (thank you).


Jean-Marc Flambert
jmf@yourtourismpartner.com +447930332659 (mob & WhatsApp)

To view the items on video click here https://www.facebook.com/jeanmarc.flambert/videos/10157633276805201/
Also visit www.experiencehaiti.org to learn more about this amazing country and her people.

Watch this video of the south of Haiti

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